Car rental for pilots

Do you fly with a purpose?  
I and my pilot friends do.  
Petr Sedláček, the author of project


There is many airports which have beautiful places nearby – why not visit them with the shared vehicle? Many times I was denied by the taxi driver, that the 7 km are not worth for them and they did not come. We will be preparing tips for trip places near by the airports you could visit.

Business meetings

Come and go, get the meeting done and get home, hurray. Time is money and flying to clients can be a way to diverse and connect your hobby with your job. Do you like D1? I don’t, that’s why I get hop in plane in Hořovice in the morning and I’m in Brno in an hour, then in Olomouc, get lunch in Mladá Boleslav and at 3 PM I’m back home in Hořovice. Try to do that with a car.

Lunch or dinner

We fly to get a good meal with wife, lover or with friends. Some airports do have a restaurant but these places get boring with time. Take a car and go get a different gastronomical pleasure. Perhaps even overnight.


When you are flying on a longer trip or flying a long way home the weather can worsen. Think of your safety and if it is not possible to continue by plane, LAND, anchor the plane and continue home or on the meeting in a car. Think of your safety.

Since spring 2021 shared cars on airports


13 airports, 13 vehicles which you will be able to rent for your needs right away after landing. Preliminarily we are planning to cover 20-30 airports, you – pilots, will be a part of the selection of the airports. The fleet of cars will keep getting wider based on the requirements of registered pilots.   

  • Easy reservation of the car  
  • Unattended access to the vehicle through mobile application  
  • Possibility to rent a car for 30 minutes, the whole day or even for a weekend  
Praha Letňany
Hradec Králové
Mladá Boleslav 
   Plzeň Líně 
Budkovice (Ivančice)

Tariff overview

INTENDED FOR: I will use the service 2-3 times a year or I want to be registered in case that I will need to suddenly rent the car. For example in case of bad weather I would want to get to the final destination by car. I will use the service 3-10 times a year, I fly often with some purpose, on a trip or business-wise. I fly very often and whole year around, usually business-wise or with purpose around Czech or Moravia. I want to have the car available for period longer than one day.
YEARLY FEE 1 600,- CZK 3 200,- CZK 5 300,- CZK
Price per kilometer 7,00 CZK/km 5,70 CZK/km 4,20 CZK/km
rental period time tariff time tariff time tariff
within 2 hours 250 CZK 190 CZK 140 CZK
for any further started half-hour 
50 CZK 35 CZK 25 CZK
8 - 24 hours 990 CZK 750 CZK 580 CZK
48 hours - 1 350 CZK 1 100 CZK
week - - 3400 CZK

With tariff ALFA you will rent a car 3 times a year, out of that 2 times for 2 hours (2x250) and once 5 hours (250+6x50=550 CZK), altogether you will drive 120 km (840 CZK), altogether you will pay (including the yearly fee 1600 CZK + 1050 CZK + 840 CZK = 3 490 CZK with VAT, that is approximately 388 for wet hour with VAT, which is 320 CZK/hour ex VAT for a company.  

  With tariff BRAVO you rent the car 10 times a year, out of that 6 times for 2 hours (6x190=1 140) and 4 times for 5 hours (4x(190+6x35)=1 600 CZK), altogether you will drive 600 km (3 420 CZK), altogether you will pay (including the yearly fee) 3 200 CZK + 1 140 CZK + 1 600 CZK + 3 420 CZK = 9 360 CZK with VAT, that is approximately 292 CZK for wet hour with VAT and 241 CZK/hour ex VAT for a company.  
The price includes fuel, insurance, highway stamps, road taxes, radio fee, fluids, service and tire service, washing and cleaning and depreciation.  
In case of need it is possible to allow a necessarily long rent period when the weather is bad (or in case of plane failure).  

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